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Maya Arulpragasam [Jul. 14th, 2006|05:33 am]
[sound |Jeff Buckley♥]

I posted new icons on my very new and lovely community(about Maya Arulpragasam)
check them out!:P

From: velvet_widow
2006-08-08 02:44 am (UTC)

tori stillness

Message from: Tori_Stillness: a Tori Amos Graphics Challenge

Currently the community has been taken over by new Mod's and has under gone a big change. As you where listed as an old member - we encourage you to come back and join us to see all of the new things we have planned.

+the professional widow+
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[User Picture]From: ladybug1219
2006-08-22 05:27 am (UTC)


so sorry to bother you again,i'm coming from tori_stillness to remind you that
Challenge1: Virginia is currently underway, we ask you to come and join us in submitting a graphic to our new graphic community. The challenge has been extended until Tuesday, August 29.

hope you have a wonderful day :-)
ladybug1219 & velvet_widow
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